Road map to the music industry

Music industry insiders, including Sean Douglas (second from left), songwriter and a 2006 alum, shared advice with students during a March 27 panel discussion “Making It in the Music Industry.” "I studied things I was interested in and that gave me points of reference that maybe other writers don't have," Douglas told the students. Also appearing on the panel were (from far left) Matt Adler, Ben Berkman and Isaac Green, a 1996 alum. MORE​​

High-speed, hi-res, high-tech: Using a high-speed, high-resolution imaging method, Lihong Wang, PhD, and his team in the School of Engineering & Applied Science were able to see blood flow, blood oxygenation, oxygen metabolism and other functions inside a living mouse brain at faster rates than ever before.​ MORE

Our Washington:  Money from the Our Washington campaign helps to fund scholarships, supports academic and scientific initiatives, advances learning and enhances facilities. Watch Video