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First-year students at the School of Medicine recently participated in the traditional White Coat Ceremony — a rite of passage in which future doctors are welcomed to medical school and the medical profession. In addition to receiving their white coats, the 123 students recited an oath promising honesty and integrity.MORE
Washington University in St. Louis leaders joined with local and state officials, educators and students to dedicate KIPP Victory Academy last month. The university serves as a sponsor of the KIPP charter school organization. This is its second school in St. Louis.MORE

An estimated 55 million to 105 million people in the United States suffer from foodborne illnesses each year, resulting in costs of $2-$4 billion annually. What if Twitter could be used to track those cases and more quickly identify the source of the problem? A new analysis by a researcher at Washington University in St. Louis' Brown School shows that new technology might better allow health departments to engage with the public to improve foodborne illness surveillance.


The electric car charging station in front of Brauer and Whitaker halls on the Washington University in St. Louis campus is now getting a boost from the sun after workers installed solar panels atop the structure July 30. In addition to bolstering the university's commitment to sustainability, the station is connected to research in its School of Engineering & Applied Science.​

Women tend to outperform men when it comes to collaboration and creativity in small working groups, but force teams to go head to head in highly competitive environments and the benefits of a female approach are soon reversed, suggests new research from Washington University in St. Louis.MORE
People learn better and recall more when given the impression that they will soon have to teach newly acquired material to someone else, suggests new research from the Department of Psychology in Arts & Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis.MORE

Mary Corcoran has been named assistant dean for finance at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. Her appointment, which marks her return to the university after six years at Stanford University, is effective Aug. 21.

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