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William J. Maxwell, PhD, of Arts & Sciences, discusses “the FBI as literary critic” at the Chicago Humanities Festival. Maxwell also has a new book, “F.B. Eyes: How J. Edgar Hoover’s Ghostreaders Framed African-American Literature.”MORE
Anthropologist John R. Bowen, PhD, writes in Time about the terror attack in France. Bowen, of Arts & Sciences, has written four books on Islam’s interaction with Western societies.MORE
Zhao Ma, PhD, of Arts & Sciences, discusses research on what ordinary Chinese citizens in Beijing thought about what’s known here as the Korean War.MORE
Alumna Leana Wen (MD ’07) gives a TEDMED talk about the importance of transparency in medicine.MORE
Anne Marie Knott, professor at Olin Business School, writes in the Harvard Business Review about innovation and industrial clusters.

Jay F. Piccirillo, MD, of the School of Medicine, speaks about new research on helping manage tinnitus, or ringing in the ears.MORE
Paul Steinbeck, PhD, discusses a book he’s working on about an African-American musical group, The Art Ensemble of Chicago. Steinbeck is an assistant professor of music and a faculty fellow with the Center for the Humanities in Arts & Sciences.MORE
Danish artist Jakob Kolding, whose work is on view until early January at the Kemper Art Museum, is interviewed for the museum’s blog, Palette Scrapings.MORE
Rafia Zafar, PhD, of Arts & Sciences, discusses her work for “Hold That Thought” about how food and the sharing of meals played an important role in the civil rights movement.MORE
Memory expert Henry L. Roediger III, PhD, of Arts & Sciences, discusses how to present information to students so they can better remember it later.MORE
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