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The Brown School’s Molly Metzger, PhD, and recent graduate Andrew Brown write in the St. Louis American about changes needed to improve options for those eligible for Section 8 housing.MORE
Graham Colditz, MD, DrPH, a leader in cancer prevention research, writes in The Huffington Post about what people can do now for themselves and their children, such as eating healthy and exercising, to reduce their risk of getting cancer later.MORE
The Sam Fox School’s Buzz Spector discusses art and writing, and the multiple forms of media used in his own work, in an interview with Mistake House.MORE
Patrick Rishe, PhD, director of Olin’s Sports Business Program, writes in Forbes about how Triple Crown winner American Pharoah’s value will keep rising.MORE
Debra L. Haire-Joshu, PhD, of the Brown School, writes about the gap between research and real-world practice in fighting diabetes and obesity and what needs to change to make progress.MORE
Roman historian Karen Acton, PhD, of Arts & Sciences, discusses what we know about Antony and Cleopatra from history as well as Shakespeare for a “Hold That Thought” podcast.MORE
Gerald Early, PhD, reviews Jabari Asim’s book “Only the Strong,” and what it says about race relations, especially in the context of events in Ferguson, in The Washington Post.MORE
The Skandalaris Center’s Emre Toker talks about the practical considerations in innovation, and entrepreneurs’ common pitfalls, for a “Hold That Thought” podcast.MORE
Colin Burnett, PhD, of the Film and Media Studies Program in Arts & Sciences, delves into the video teaser ahead of the release of “SPECTRE,” the latest James Bond thriller. He says the film carries a sense of the book and film franchise’s history.MORE
Provost Holden Thorp, PhD, writes on his blog about his admiration for Herbie Hancock, who is to receive an honorary degree today, and how watching him perform helped guide his own career path.MORE
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