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In a Los Angeles Times opinion piece on the Paris attacks, Arts & Sciences’ John R. Bowen, PhD, offers advice for French President Francois Hollande: “This is a time for solidarity, not division.” Bowen is also the author of the book “Can Islam be French?”MORE
Students in the anthropology course “Social Landscapes in a Global View” considered the concept of a university landscape, helping deepen students’ interactions with McMillan Hall. The class added QR codes to things in and around the building, ranging from native Midwest plants to Gothic architecture. Find the codes or visit the website to learn more.MORE
Bears Repeating, the blog of University Archives, highlights the story behind an exhibit now on display in Olin Library. The exhibit features photos taken by university alumni Thomas Allen Jr. and William Sachtleben in 1891 as they trekked by bicycle through Greece, Turkey and beyond. The exhibit runs through Jan. 10.MORE
Bob Hansman, of the Sam Fox School, writes with passion on the Institute for Public Health blog about young lives lost to gun violence in St. Louis and the tough conversations that need to happen to bring about change.MORE
Former U.S. Army Sgt. Mike Pereira will be on NPR'S “The Diane Rehm Show” Nov. 11 to talk about his experience and service work as a returning veteran. Pereira earned a bachelor’s degree from University College in Arts & Sciences and is now in the premedical program.
Anthropologist Glenn Stone, of Arts & Sciences, discusses the debate surrounding the role of genetically modified crops in the developing world for a “Hold That Thought” podcast.MORE
Sociologist Adia Harvey Wingfield, PhD, of Arts & Sciences, writes in The Atlantic about how changes in the nature of jobs and in public policies have made it tougher for people to make a good living with reliable benefits.MORE
Junior Emma Milford, who is majoring in international and area studies, writes an entry on the Unofficial Field Guide to WashU ArtSci blog about her semester spent abroad in South Africa. She shares what she’s learning about daily life and about the animals she has encountered there.MORE
University faculty members Joseph Goodman, PhD, Leonard Green, PhD, Selin Malkoc, PhD, Mary Politi, PhD, and John Schneider, MD, recently participated in a panel discussion on health-care decision making among vulnerable populations at a Society for Medical Decision Making conference.MORE
Startup Connection is coming to campus later this month. St. Louis’ largest entrepreneurship and innovation showcase includes 25 teams connected to Washington University. Check out this video series to learn more about some of our people and the companies they’ve started.MORE
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