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Arts & Sciences alumni who majored in classics, and Timothy Moore, PhD, department chair, explain in videos the value and practical benefits of studying ancient civilizations.MORE
A number of Washington University faculty offer perspectives on the issues underlying the unrest in Ferguson, where things stand and what work still must be done one year later. MORE
Sam Fox School graduates write on the Palette Scrapings blog about the thought process behind their MFA thesis projects.MORE
Elizabeth Haswell, PhD, associate professor of biology in Arts & Sciences, offers five tips for graduate students and postdocs on how to deal with stress.MORE
German historian Corinna Treitel, PhD, of Arts & Sciences, writes on the Institute for Public Health blog about the movie “Contagion” — and how that term has a rich history but is no longer used in medical discussions.MORE
Matthew Gabel, PhD, associate chair of political science in Arts & Sciences, writes in The Washington Post about Greece’s economic woes and why it will be tough for the country to turn things around.MORE
The hosts of the popular program “Radiolab” sat down with the creators of Arts & Sciences’ “Hold That Thought” podcast to discuss everything from their college years to curiosity to creative storytelling.MORE
Elaine Mardis, PhD, of the School of Medicine, discusses genomics and the future of personalized medicine in treating cancer in a post on the American Association for Cancer Research blog.MORE
Steven S. Smith and PhD candidate Patrick Tucker, of Arts & Sciences, write in The Washington Post about Americans’ attitudes toward displays of the Confederate flag and the rainbow flag.MORE
Allison Bukys, a student studying computer science who participated in SPIN-IT, a campus leadership program for women in IT, is writing a blog from Cambodia this summer. There, she is teaching computer science to eighth-graders.MORE
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