University Events

"University Events" lists a portion of the activities taking place April 19-May 2 at Washington University. Visit the Web for expanded calendars for the Danforth Campus (webevent.wustl.edu) and the School of Medicine (medschool.wustl.edu/calendars.html).


"Gandhi, King, Ikeda: A Legacy of Building Peace." Through April 27. Olin Library Lobby. 935-6626.

"Lesley Dill: 'The Thrill Came Slowly.'" Through April 29. Co-sponsored by the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts. Millstone Gallery at COCA, 524 Trinity Ave. 725-1834, ext. 156.

"Reality Bites." Through April 29. Kemper Art Museum. 935-4523.


Friday, April 20

7 p.m. Annual Children's Film Symposium. "Greyfriars Bobby" (1961). Don Chaffey, dir. Brown Hall Aud. 935-5576.

Saturday, April 21

10:30 a.m. Annual Children's Film Symposium. "The Black Cauldron" (1985). Ted Berman and Richard Rich, dirs. Brown Hall Aud. 935-5576.

4 p.m. Annual Children's Film Symposium. "Jestem" (I Am) (2005). Dorota Kedzierzawska, dir. Brown Hall Aud. 935-5576.


Thursday, April 19

Noon. Genetics Seminar Series. "Absolute Pitch: Genetics and Perception." Jane Gitschier, prof. of medicine and pediatrics, U. of Calif., San Francisco. McDonnell Medical Sciences Bldg., Rm. 823. 362-2139.

3 p.m. Economics Graduate Student Association Lecture. Douglass C. North Honorary Lecture Series. "Doubts or Volatility?" Thomas Sargent, economist and author. Co-sponsored by the School of Law Center for Interdisciplinary Studies. Anheuser-Busch Hall, Bryan Cave Moot Courtroom. 935-7988.

3 p.m. Physics Theory Seminar. "Goldstone Boson Currents in the Kaon Condensed CFL Phase of Dense Quark Matter." Andrei Kryjevski, dept. of physics, Ind. U. (2:30 p.m. Coffee.) Compton Hall, Rm. 241. 935-6276.

4 p.m. Chemistry Seminar. "Bifunctional DNA and Protein Alkylation by 1, 2, 3, 4-Diepoxybutane (DEB)." Natalia Tratyakova, assoc. prof. of medicinal chemistry, U. of Minn. McMillen Lab., Rm. 311. 935-6530.

4 p.m. Molecular Biology & Pharmacology Lecture. Annual David M. Kipnis Lecture. "Cell Fate Determination in the Vertebrate Retina." Constance Cepko, prof. of genetics, Harvard U. Moore Aud., 520 S. Euclid Ave. 362-0198.

4:15 p.m. Earth & Planetary Sciences Colloquium. "Chemistry in Brown Dwarfs and Exoplanets." Katharina Lodders, research asst. prof. of earth & planetary sciences. Earth & Planetary Sciences Bldg., Rm. 203. 935-5610.

5 p.m. Historia Medica Lecture Series on the History of Medicine. "Seeing Ideas: Insight from Interplay between Artists, Physicians and Scientists." Thomas Woolsey, prof. of experimental neurological surgery. (Reception follows.) Becker Medical Library, Lvl. 7, Kenton King Center. 362-4236.

5 p.m. Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences Seminar. Robert Nussenblatt, chief of immunology, National Eye Inst., National Institutes for Health, Bethesda, Md. 362-1006.

Friday, April 20

8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Whitney R. Harris Inst. for Global Legal Studies Workshop. Latin American Law Workshop. (Continues 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. April 21.) Anheuser-Busch Hall. 935-7988.

9:15 a.m. Pediatric Grand Rounds. "Family Planning and Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Strange Bedfellows." Jeffrey Peipert, prof. of obstetrics & gynecology. Clopton Aud., 4950 Children's Place. 454-6006.

11 a.m. Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering Seminar Series. Ryckman Lecture. "Is there a Role for Coal in a Carbon Constrained World?" Adel Sarofim, Presidential Professor of Engineering, U. of Utah. Lopata Hall, Rm. 101. 935-5548.

11 a.m. Jewish, Islamic and Near Eastern Studies Lecture. "Temple Treasures in the Dead Sea Caves: New Insights from Archaeology." Richard Freund, Maurice Greenberg Professor of Jewish History, U. of Hartford. Co-sponsored by Religious Studies and Asian and Near Eastern Languages and Literatures. Lab Sciences Bldg., Rm. 301. 935-8567.

Noon. Cell Biology & Physiology Seminar. "Endocytosis of the EGF receptor and Dopamine Transporter: Functional Roles and Unexpected Similarity of the Mechanisms." Alexander Sorkin, assoc. prof. of pharmacology, U. of Colo. McDonnell Medical Sciences Bldg., Rm. 426. 362-6950.

4 p.m. Annual Children's Film Symposium Lecture. "Walt Disney and 1960s America." Stephen Watts, prof. of history, U. of Mo. Duncker Hall, Rm. 101. 935-5576.

Saturday, April 21

7:15 a.m.-6:50 p.m. Medicine CME Course. "ARCH 2: Percutaneous Cardiac and Peripheral Vascular Therapeutics." Cost: $200 for physicians, $150 for physicians in training and allied health professionals. The Ritz-Carlton St. Louis, 100 Carondelet Plaza. To register: 362-6891.

8 a.m.-1 p.m. AIDS Clinical Trials Unit CME Course. "Highlights from the 14th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections & Treatment Updates for HIV Clinicians." Cost: $75. Eric P. Newman Education Center. To register: 454-8275.

2 p.m. Annual Children's Film Symposium Lecture. "The Making of Children's Films." Sandy Tung, film director. Brown Hall Aud. 935-5576.

Monday, April 23

4 p.m. Immunology Research Seminar Series. "Thymic and Peripheral Regulatory T Cell Development." Chyi-Song Hsieh, asst. prof. of medicine. Farrell Learning & Teaching Center, Connor Aud. 362-2763.

4 p.m. Physics & Center for Materials Innovation Seminar. "Extended Universality and Information Theory." Carlos Wexler, prof. of physics, U. of Mo. (3:45 p.m. Coffee.) Compton Hall, Rm. 241. 935-6276.

5:30 p.m. Sam Fox School Architecture Lecture Series. Sean Godsell, architect, Melbourne, Australia. Lab Sciences Bldg., Rm. 300. 935-9300.

Tuesday, April 24

8:30 a.m.-4 p.m. Center for the Application of Information Technology Workshop. "The Business-IT Partnership: Delivering Business Results." Cost: $905, reduced fees available for CAIT member organizations. CAIT, 5 N. Jackson Ave. To register: 935-4444.

Noon. Molecular Microbiology & Microbial Pathogenesis Seminar Series. "Mucosal Antigen Acquisition and Defense." Hans-Christian Reinecker, assoc. prof. of medicine, Harvard U. Cori Aud., 4565 McKinley Ave. 362-8873.

Noon. Program in Physical Therapy Research Seminar. 4444 Forest Park Blvd., Lower Lvl., Rm. B108. 286-1404.

1 p.m. K-12 Multidisciplinary Clinical Research Career Development Program Seminar. "Infections in Migrants — A Southern California Casebook." Claire Panosian, clinical prof. of medicine, U. of Calif., Los Angeles. Wohl Hosp. Bldg. Aud. 454-8960.

Wednesday, April 25

4 p.m. Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics Seminar. "Molecular Structure of Iron Regulatory Protein 1 in Complex with Iron Responsive Element: How an Enzyme Becomes a Gene Regulator and Vice Versa." William Walden, prof. of microbiology and immunology, U. of Ill. Cori Aud., 4565 McKinley Ave. 362-4152.

Thursday, April 26

Noon. Genetics Seminar Series. "Single Molecule Measurements of Gene-regulator Protein's Interactions with DNA." Yan Mei Wang, asst. prof. of physics. McDonnell Medical Sciences Bldg., RM. 823. 362-2139.

2 p.m. Chancellor's Fellowship Conference. "African-Americans and Documentary Film." Henry Louis Gates Jr., Alphonse Fletcher University Professor at Harvard University. Graham Chapel. 935-6821.

4 p.m. Chemistry Seminar. "Fast and Faster Glimpses of Reactive Intermediates." Robert Moss, L.P. Hammett Professor of Chemistry, Rutgers U. McMillen Lab., Rm. 311. 935-6530.

4 p.m. History Colloquium. "The Political Education of John Jones: Race Politics in a Northern City, 1845-1879." Margaret Garb, asst. prof. of history. (Reception follows.) Hurst Lounge, Rm. 201, Hurst Lounge. 935-5450.

4 p.m. Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences Seminar. "Visuomotor Deficits in Chil-dren with Cerebral Palsy." Fatema Ghasia, research fellow in ophthalmology & visual sciences. Maternity Bldg., Rm. 725. 362-3315.

Friday, April 27

9 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Pathology Symposium. In Honor of Dr. Emil R. Unanue. "Immunology at the Horizon of the New Millennium." Eric P. Newman Education Center. 362-8748.

11 a.m. Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering. "The Chemistry of Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes: Applications to Biomolecule Detection, Nanotube Separation and Electronic Networks." Michael Strano, assoc. prof. of chemical & biomolecular engineering, U. of Ill. Lopata Hall, Rm. 101. 935-5548.

Noon. Cell Biology & Physiology Seminar. "Vesicular Axonal Transport: Linking Injury Signaling to Nerve Regeneration." Valeria Cavalli, asst. prof. of anatomy & neurobiology. McDonnell Medical Sciences Bldg., Rm. 426. 362-7437.

4 p.m. Physics & Center for Materials Innovation Joint Seminar. "Disorder and Dissipation in the Microwave Conductivity Spectra of Carbon Nanotube and Silicon Nanowire Arrays." Mark Lee, Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque. (3:45 p.m. coffee.) Compton Hall, Rm. 241. 935-6276.

Monday, April 30

Noon. Work, Families, and Public Policy Brown Bag Seminar Series. "What Determines Adult Skills? Impacts of Pre-school, School-years and Post-school Experiences in Guatemala." Jere Behrman, W.R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of Economics, U. of Penn. Eliot Hall, Rm. 300. 935-4918.

4 p.m. Immunology Research Seminar Series. "Tec Kinase Signaling Regulates Conventional Versus Innate T Cell Development." Leslie Berg, assoc. prof. of pathology, U. of Mass. Farrell Learning & Teaching Center, Connor Aud. 362-2763.

Tuesday, May 1

Noon. Molecular Microbiology & Microbial Pathogenesis Seminar Series. "The Female Gametocyte of the Malaria Parasite: A Model for the Initial Development of a Polarised Embryo?" Andy Waters, dept. of parasitology, Leiden U., the Netherlands. Cori Aud., 4565 McKinley Ave. 362-8873.

5:30 p.m. Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics Biophysical Evenings Seminar. "Computational Methods for Biomolecular Solvation." Nathan Baker, asst. prof. of biochemistry & molecular biophysics. Cori Aud., 4565 McKinley Ave. 362-4152.

Wednesday, May 2

7 a.m.-7:15 p.m. Internal Medicine CME Course. "The Washington Manual Comprehensive Internal Medicine and Board Review Course." (Continues through May 6.) Cost: $1,025, $825 for residents, fellows and allied health professionals. Eric P. Newman Education Center. For schedule, details and to register: 362-6891.


Sunday, April 22

2:30 p.m. Eliot Trio Concert. David Halen, violin; Daniel Lee, cello; and Seth Carlin, piano. Cost: $15; $10 for seniors, faculty and staff; free for students. Whitaker Hall Aud. 935-4841.

Sunday, April 29

3 p.m. Chancellor's Concert. "Carmina Burana" by Carl Orff. Washington University Concert Choir, John Stewart, dir., and Washington University Symphony Orchestra, Dan Presgrave, dir. E. Desmond Lee Concert Hall, 560 Trinity Ave. 935-4841.

On Stage

Friday, April 20

8 p.m. Performing Arts Dept. Presentation. "House of Desires" by Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz. Trevor Biship, dir. (Also 8 p.m. April 21; 2 p.m. April 22.) Cost: $15; $9 for seniors, students, faculty and staff. Edison Theatre. 935-6543.


Thursday, April 19

4 p.m. Softball vs. Ill. College. WUSTL Field. 935-4705.

Tuesday, April 24

2 p.m. Baseball vs. Westminster College. Kelly Field. 935-4705.

4 p.m. Men's tennis vs. Lindenwood U. Tao Tennis Center. 935-4705.

And more

Thursday, April 19

5 p.m. Skandalaris Center IdeaBounce Event. Simon Hall, May Aud. For information and to register: www.sc.wustl.edu.

6:15 p.m. Germanic Languages & Literatures Poetry & Fiction Readings. Co-sponsored by Jewish, Islamic and Near Eastern Studies. (Reception follows.) Duncker Hall, Rm. 201, Hurst Lounge. 935-5106.

Friday, April 27

1 p.m. Skandalaris Center Innovators & Entrepreneurs Workshop. "Market Size & Revenue Forecasting," "Developing Your Idea and Finding Your Value Proposition" and "Creating Your Business Model." Simon Hall. To register: www.sc.wustl.edu.

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