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Over the past several decades, Michael Kinch of Washington University in St. Louis says, the pharmaceutical industry has managed to dismantle itself. In a provocative series of articles and interviews, Kinch, the director of the Center for Research Innovation in Businessat the university, has been describing the history of this dismantling and its implications for the future of medicine.MORE

A cancer odyssey

Inspired by his childhood physicians, Ramaswamy Govindan, MD, knew at a young age what he wanted to become. Along the way, he has journeyed from his native India to the U.S. and helped to navigate the frontiers of cancer care.
​Washington University in St. Louis’ Jill Stratton, the “world’s oldest RA,” hel​ps students, staff and faculty to find their joy. Stratton strives to develop common education experiences, multidisciplinary courses and expanded programming at university housing.MORE
​Mark Thoelke’s work ethic has contributed to his success in starting and leading the hospitalist division at Washington University School of Medicine. He has been called “the doctor’s doctor,” a term that refers to a physician whom another physician would recommend to family and friends.MORE
Since the shooting of Michael Brown, the eyes of the world have turned to St. Louis. Over the last several weeks, associate professor Bob Hansman — one of the area’s most prominent community activists — has quietly ushered hundreds of students through the neighborhoods of north St. Louis, chronicling the racial, social and urban histories that have shaped conditions on the ground. MORE

John Schael, Washington University’s longtime director of athletics retired this summer. Here’s a look back at his legacy, shared from Washington Magazine.


Susan Bayliss, MD, is director of pediatric dermatology at the School of Medicine. She uses humor and kindness in connecting with her patients. Most of them are in the St. Louis region, but she also treats children she meets while on medical missions overseas. Wherever she is, her passion for her work is evident.

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