Amanda Moore McBride

Associate Professor of Social Work


Dr. McBride researches and writes on local, national, and international issues related to civic engagement and civic service, which is a type of long-term, intensive volunteering. Her research focuses on inclusive definitions and measurement of civic engagement, international service and global citizenship, youth service as youth development, and the relationship between civic service and asset building.

Dr. McBride is associate editor of the journal, Social Development Issues, and teaches classes on social justice, program evaluation, and social work practice with organizations and communities.

In addition to her research and teaching responsibilities, she leads the University’s Richard A. Gephardt Institute for Public Service, which empowers individuals, especially students and older adults, to become more active citizens, civically engaged in their communities, the nation, and the world. She also is the Research Director of the School’s
Center for Social Development as well as principal investigator of the Center’s Global Service Institute Initiative.

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