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Wilmetta Toliver-Diallo (pictured) founded the African Film Festival 10 years ago, in her first year as assistant dean and coordinator for African Studies at WUSTL. A primary reason for launching the festival was to dispel myths and stereotypes; and in a review of New York’s MOMO show on architect Lina Bo Bardi, the acclaimed 2013 biography by Zeuler Lima, an architect and associate professor of architecture, was referenced. These stories and more in today’s roundup.MORE
WUSM pediatrics infectious diseases researcher Audrey Odom (pictured), who studies mosquitoes, talks about how the malaria parasite attracts mosquitoes with perfume; WUSTL will celebrate Tennessee Williams with a screening of The Night of the Iguana and a new sculpture of Williams will be unveiled; and WUSM, Siteman Cancer Center and Barnes Jewish Hospital are seeking applicants for Community Research Fellows. The goal of the program is to train people to aid in improving minority health and helping reduce health disparities in their communities. These stories and more in today’s roundup.MORE

Practice in drama professor Annamaria Pileggi (pictured) works with a small interdisciplinary team to explore how movement-training techniques drawn from theater might help real-life computer scientists improve human/robot interactions. She puts those theories to the test in the play “Sky Sky Sky,” that features three human actors and one robot; and WUSM anesthesiology professor Evan Kharasch is the senior author of a study on biomarkers in urine that may help detect kidney cancer early. These stories and more in today’s roundup.

Canadian-born WUSM plastic and reconstructive surgeon Susan Mackinnon was profiled in the Ottawa Citizen. She is internationally known for her pioneering work in nerve transfers and nerve transplants; and cosmochemist Frederic Moynier comments on zinc evidence that may offer proof of the leading theory that a large asteroid crashed into Earth, littering space with what would become our Moon. These stories and more in today’s roundup.MORE
Social work professor Michal Grinstein-Weiss (pictured) testified before a Senate Special Committee on Aging, warned about a staggering crisis in retirement savings, and suggested four reforms to mitigate an over-dependence on Social Security for many retirees; and WUSM reconstructive surgeon Susan Mackinnon is featured in a Canadian article on nerve transfer surgery, a technique that she pioneered. These stories and more in today’s roundup.MORE
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